Real Estate

Since Fearnley Project Finance was established in 1981, we have structured the purchase of more than 105 projects with at total value of approx. NOK 19,6 billion worth of real estate, comprising over 1,8 million sqm. Total transaction volume (purchase and sale) has over the same period exceeded NOK 32 billion.

Fearnley Project Finance structure all types of real estate projects, both domestically and internationally, development projects and cash flow projects. As an alternative to investments in equities and bonds, real estate has yielded an attractive return to investors over the later years, and has become a common type of investment in a well-diversified portfolio.

Our projects normally have a base case return on equity (IRR), of between 10 – 15 %.

Since 1994, however, Fearnley Project Finance has sold 70 projects with an average return of approx. 38 % (IRR).

Fearnley Project Finance will continue to have an opportunistic approach to the market, using our knowledge and experience, to offer attractive projects to our investors.